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Auxiliary Uniform Guide

Uniform Distribution Center

More information on where to get uniforms is also available on the National Website if you Click Here.

The Uniform Distribution Center Website can be accessed by all personnel. This website is well organized and is designed to satisfy all your UNIFORM needs.  When you get the UDC welcome page login and complete the "Request/Change Login and Password", complete the form in it's entirety. This will make things easier for future transactions. The various methods of placing orders are easy to follow and provide access to key telephone numbers and a quick reference to required forms. Personnel at the UDC stand ready to provide any needed assistance.

This  link, Lighthouse Uniform Company, will open a new window to another source for uniforms.   To return to our website just close the new window.

To return to this page you can click on Uniforms  or use the Return to Uniforms link on each Uniform Page.